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Duo Summer Edition 2023 (twin pack) - CS 5460
Duo Summer Edition 2023 (twin pack) - CS 5460
Duo Summer Edition 2023 (twin pack) - CS 5460
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Duo Summer Edition 2023 (twin pack) - CS 5460
Duo Summer Edition 2023 (twin pack) - CS 5460
Duo Summer Edition 2023 (twin pack) - CS 5460

CURAPROX Duo Summer Edition (twin pack) - CS 5460

Artists and designers collaborate for a unique release of the ultra soft CS 5460 brush.
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HK$152.00 each

Stylishly neutral grey and white toothbrushes make the bright accent of the polka dot filament pattern even more vivid for Anna Kulachek’s Summer Edition 2023. The New York-based graphic designer likes to use a minimum of resources to achieve a maximum effect. Simple summer fun.


Special editions


An eye-catching bathroom accessory. These toothbrushes are the result of collaborations with both established and upcoming artists from across the globe. They were all a little surprised when they were commissioned to design a toothbrush, but these artists are now using the CS 5460 themselves. 


What you’ll find inside


Plaque’s toughest opponent – the gentleness of Curen® filaments. The 5460 ultra-soft Curen® filaments form an incredibly dense and efficient cleaning surface. These filaments are as gentle on gums and teeth as they are tough on plaque. Once you’ve tried a CS 5460 toothbrush, you’ll never want to give up that clean feeling.


- Gentle Curen® filaments

- Efficient cleaning surface thanks to 5460 densely packed Curen® filaments

- The compact head with a slight angle reaches every nook and cranny of the mouth

- The octagonal grip helps you to clean at the right angle

- Made in Switzerland

Free from harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or azo dyes.

Curaprox toothbrushes not only protect you from damage during cleaning, but also optimally disrupt and remove plaque. Curen® filaments are stiffer than nylon bristles and stay just as firm in your mouth as they do when dry. These properties make it possible to produce toothbrushes with a very high number of ultra-fine filaments.


時尚的中性灰色和白色牙刷使 Anna Kulachek 2023 年夏季版的圓點絲狀圖案的明亮口音更加生動。這位紐約平面設計師喜歡使用最少的資源來實現最大的效果。簡單的夏日樂趣。




引人注目的浴室配件。這些牙刷是與全球知名藝術家和新晉藝術家合作的成果。當他們被委託設計牙刷時,他們都有點驚訝,但這些藝術家現在自己使用 CS 5460。




斑塊最強勁的對手是 Curen® 細絲的溫和性。 5460 超柔軟 Curen® 細絲形成極為緻密且高效的清潔表面。這些細絲對牙齦和牙齒溫和,對牙菌斑也很堅韌。一旦您嘗試過 CS 5460 牙刷,您將永遠不想放棄那種乾淨的感覺。


- 溫和的 Curen® 長絲

- 5460 密集的 Curen® 細絲可有效清潔表面

- 帶有小角度的緊湊頭部到達口腔的每個角落和縫隙

- 八角形手柄可幫助您以正確的角度進行清潔

- 瑞士製造

不含雙酚 A (BPA)、鄰苯二甲酸鹽或偶氮染料等有害物質。

Curaprox 牙刷不僅可以保護您在清潔過程中免受損​​壞,還能以最佳方式破壞和去除牙菌斑。 Curen® 刷毛比尼龍刷毛更硬,在口腔中的硬度與乾燥時一樣牢固。這些特性使得生產具有大量超細絲的牙刷成為可能。

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