CURAPROX DF 820 PTFE Dental Tape
CURAPROX DF 820 PTFE Dental Tape
CURAPROX DF 820 PTFE Dental Tape
CURAPROX DF 820 PTFE Dental Tape
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CURAPROX DF 820 PTFE Dental Tape

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Tear-resistant. Smooth. Extremely effective.

Super resistant to tears. And PTFE-coated for a wonderfully smooth experience – the floss tape slides easily through tight, interdental spaces. And cleans wonderfully well.

This innovative dental tape is made of extremely tear-resistant PTFE tape. Thanks to this PTFE coating, it also slides particularly easily through the contact points.

35 m

The front teeth, particularly the lower ones, are often very close together. So close that not even our CPS prime 06 interdental brush can be used. Dental floss is perfect in cases like these. Dental floss can also be very useful for implant care; fleecy thread is recommended for this, but always remember to use it correctly and carefully.

  • For particularly tight gaps, e.g. between the front teeth
  • Use it carefully to prevent damaging the gum



超級抗淚。 PTFE 塗層帶來極其順暢的體驗 - 牙線膠帶可輕鬆滑過狹窄的齒間空間。並且清潔效果非常好。

這種創新的牙膠帶由極其抗撕裂的 PTFE 膠帶製成。得益於這種 PTFE 塗層,它還可以特別輕鬆地滑過接觸點。


門牙,尤其是下牙,通常非常靠近。如此之近,甚至連我們的 CPS prime 06 牙間刷都無法使用。在這種情況下,牙線是完美的選擇。牙線對於種植體護理也非常有用;建議使用羊毛線,但請務必記住正確、小心地使用它。